The Film

Trailer for “Anne Audain: Running Her Way”

My documentary film, “Anne Audain: Running Her Way” was premiered in Boise, Idaho , September 23rd,2009.
It was part of the St Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration event week. I founded the Celebration in 1993, a year after retiring from a 22 year running career.

The audience of over 250 was a very diversified one . All ages, male and female, media folks, past and current sponsors of the Celebration, past and current committee members, friends and family.

The film received a standing ovation as my life story is the story that I told to whomever would listen in 1993, in order to inspire and motivate the eventual 2400 women that stood on the inaugural start line.

In the 1980’s I was named the “Winningest Road Racer”, male or female with a very consistent record on the USA circuit. But my story began a long time before I arrived in the USA , at age 25, in 1981.

Born in New Zealand with badly deformed feet, I was adopted at birth by my loving parents who told me I was special because I had been chosen.

I was 13 when the doctors felt it was time to attempt reconstruction surgery to enable me to walk better and pain free. After surgery I was given special boots, attached to my knee length plaster casts, which had a wooden rocker attached to the bottom of them. This was to enable me to gain the “special” heel-toe motion of walking that eventually gave me the strength, confidence and style to “ Run My Way” .

The film uses classic race footage, rare personal photography, and insightful and emotional interviews.
This is a unique film that tells the story of one of the first professional female distance runners , a pioneer. It is a story of one woman’s struggles against physical and emotional odds, with opponents on and off the track. But the enduring quality is that I chose to run “My Way”.

“An inspiring , triumphant story that immediately draws us in and holds us enthralled. I would want every one of my students each year to see this motivating story of determination, courage in meeting personal challenges, and hope”

Deborah Hedden- Nicely
M.A, Head Teacher and Site Administrator, Marian Pritchett School for pregnant and parenting teens in Boise, Idaho.

“This story will inspire, encourage and convince a lot of people to re-evaluate exactly what is possible in their own lives. Anne’s story is a marvelous example to us all, in all walks of life, that the seemingly impossible is in fact achievable . You just have to have vision, determination and downright stubbornness to push yourself past the obvious mental and physical obstacles. This is a wonderful story of a truly wonderful and gracious woman who broke down barriers for all female athletes today.”

Malcolm Diamond
Boise State University Professor, British Native.

“Anne Audain’s Documentary Film created quite a stir amongst our community. The film captures all the sweet memories as well as those that revealed the pain and hardships she endured . It was especially endearing to have her family history included. The film clips of her training and racing footage were amazing.”

Corinne Morgan
Physical Education Teacher and Past President of the IAHPERD in Idaho.